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PSKMail is a system that uses digital data modes over radio links which enables clients to access the Internet and to exchange data and messages.

While a number of the features rely on a server having access to the Internet, communication between clients is still possible if server Internet connectivity is lost.  For more information and detail on the implementation go to the PSK Mail site.


The ZS1JEN-4 experimental PSK Mail server is being built using Puppy Linux as a platform. When it goes live 24 X 7 it will be the second such server in South Africa. The first server (ZS0MEE) is in the Gauteng region. ZS6RO runs the server monitor for ZS0MEE.

I am currently building the configuration and testing it on 10.148 MHz. Initial tests of Web access, file uploads and downloads, APRS, and sending of email has been confirmed the configuration for these are correct and functional.  Work still needs to be done on telnet and a number of the other features. Once the configuration is complete it will be re-mastered for use on a dedicated server. If you would like to help by doing some remote tests it would be appreciated.  Send an email to me to set up a test sched.

The node radio used for the test is a Yaesu FT-897D with a MFJ-1279M sound card interface. The test client is build around a Netbook, ICOM 703 and a DigiPro USB interface. I will update this site with progress reports as time allows.  Notes and tweaks made to the software platform will also be posted. Currently expect  to see the server online and available mostly over the weekends when I will be working on it.


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