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Node 8144 Cape Town - South Africa

This is an open/public node, before using it please read the guidelines for its use. I run this node for personal use, but am happy for fellow licensed radio amateurs to freely make use of it. However if abuse occurs, I do reserve the right to restrict access or shut the node down.

What is IRLP?

The Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) links Radio Amateur Systems around the world via the Internet. IRLP uses Voice-over-IP (VOIP) and the Internet to link radio staions around the world.

The system uses a custom computer interface board and software running under Linux (CentOS).

IRLP runs a large network of dedicated servers and nodes, which offer the very best in global voice communications, by linking Amateur Radio stations with full dynamic range telephone quality sound.

These pages relate to the ZS1JEN node (8144), please consult the IRLP web site for general information.

Do’s and Dont’s (a summary)

  • DO pause between transmissions to let others in or others to enter DTMF command tones
  • DO identify your station before sending DTMF command tones
  • DO hold the microphone PTT in for about 1 second before talking to allow all systems time to rise
  • DO pause for 10 seconds when entering a reflector or before talking for the first time once connected
  • DO NOT rag-chew on your local repeater or simplex channel while connected to a reflector
  • DO NOT start or plan a Net without prior authorisation from a reflector or node owner
  • DO Not transmit a carrier or cause interference while connected to another node or a reflector, actions like this will cause this node to be blocked
  • DO enjoy using my node and IRLP

Before using this node please read the guidelines for its use.


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