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The ZS1JEN Node is built around a simplex transceiver.  The purpose of this node is to function as a test bed for developing IRLP scripts and of course linking to other IRLP nodes. I have decided to leave the node open, but if missuse occurs, I will have no choice but to close it by assigning a prefix to the node.  Please respect the IRLP rules at all times as I do not wish to do this and would like to share this node with other hams in my area that may have an interest in IRLP.


  • Node Transceiver
  • I have built the node around the Alinco DR-135MKIII. The interface cable between the IRLP board and radio is home bru. I opted for the DR-135 as it is easy to connect, highly reliable and above all is reasonably priced. The DR-135 has variable power output and has been set to 5 W. The TX/RX frequency is 145.350Mhz (simplex) and PLis set to 88.5Hz

  • Antenna
  • The antenna used for the node is a discone designed for 2m, it is about 6m AGL and 23m ABSL.

  • Computer
  • The computer used for this node is an Intel 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 with 2G RAM.  That is overkill, but I opted for this machine as it was a spare unused piece of hardware cluttering the home and it will allow considerable expansion should future features, scripts etc demand the additional processing power.

  • Twitter
  • Near real time information on EchoLink and IRLP connections to IRLP Node 8144 is now available on Twitter.  Node 8234 is a portal node based on PiIRLP and will not always be on line


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