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EchoIRLP Node 511889 Cape Town - South Africa


This is an open/public node, before using it please read the guidelines for its use. I run this node for personal use, but am happy for fellow licensed radio amateurs to freely make use of it. However if abuse occurs, I do reserve the right to restrict access or shut the node down.

What is EchoIRLP?

EchoIRLP is a developing project with a goal to share hardware and software resources for IRLP and EchoLink systems.  The EchoIRLP web site explains this project in more detail.  Software is installed that allows the ZS1JEN IRLP node Linux computer system to connect to EchoLink network nodes.  There are multiple related projects underway to accomplish this capability.  You may hear of them referred to as EchoLinux, the Bridge, as well as EchoIRLP.

The software we have installed on the ZS1JEN IRLP node is referred to as the "EchoIRLP" Node.

What this software does or does not do:

  • does not allow you to cross connect the IRLP and EchoLink networks together
  • does provide the ZS1JEN IRLP node access to available EchoLink clients and conferences.
  • does provide the ZS1JEN Echolink node access to available IRLP nodes and reflectors.
  • does allow EchoLink clients to connect to the ZS1JEN-L EchoLink node number 511889
  • does allow IRLP stations to connect to the ZS1JEN IRLP node number 8144
  • There are now Special IRLP Reflectors that cross link to Echolink Conferences.



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