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EchoIRLP Node Operating Guidelines

This page describes the operating guidelines that are specific to the ZS1JEN EchoIRLP node. Standard good radio operating procedure applies at all times

Please periodically check these pages regularly for updates.

Operating Hours

The ZS1JEN EchoIRLP node is generally available 24/7

You may occasionally find the node disabled or inaccessible. This may be due to the node being down for system maintenance, an Internet connection problem or I just decided to shut it down for a while.


The EchoIRLP connection uses the same node radio as the IRLP node. The TX frequency is 144.350 Mhz (simplex). The PL required to activate the radio is 88.5. For more details on the node please go to the About Node 8144 page.

Making Connections

All commands accepted by the ZS1JEN  node, will cause some sort of audible signal to be returned to the user. This may be in the form of beeps and boops or spoken words.



    DTMF Code



    Pre-fix for connecting to an Echolink Node


    Disconnect IRLP/EchoLink Connection


    Disconnect Echolink Connection




To connect to an Echolink node, the DTMF code would be Snnnn where nnnn is the Echolink node number you want to connect to. The DTMF code *nnnn is also valid.

Just as you would listen before transmitting on any repeater, you must listen for at least 10-15 seconds for link activity before making any transmissions as there may already be an active connection or local QSO in progress.


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