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APRS is a system developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, which uses amateur radio to transmit position reports, weather reports, and messages between users. Currently, I have configured three objects, my QTH (ZS1JEN), the IRLP node (IRLP-8144) own and a weather station (ZS1JEN-1).

The APRS application of choice for me is UI-View32. The weather station is a La Crosse WS-2355, with data conversion from WS-2355 format to UI-View32 format done using the UI-Weather add-on.


My APRS presence also includes the following SIDS, ZS1JEN-1 (my Weather station and ZS1JEN-9 my test setup for mobile use.  The mobile APRS station is based on the Yaesu FT817ND paired with a Cross Country Wireless APRS TNC Digi Tracker.  The TNC has a built in GPS as an option and can be configured as a Digi-peater.  To check the status of or look up info  on any SID associated with my call sign go to the APRS web site.

I am also testing the SkyTracker APRS Beacon with the following SID ZS1JEN-8, OpenTracker on an Apple IPAD2 SID ZS1JEN-6 and APRSCE on an HP IPAQ  914c SID ZS1JEN-7. The SkyTracker is supplied by RFDesign  and is designed around the 16f648 PIC.  The firmware is APRSTracker version 1.11 which is an Open Source initiative.



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